In March 2018, FP Markets announced a ground-breaking partnership with ASM Academy, Africa’s most progressive golf academy. Both FP Markets and ASM Academy share the same integral values of education, high-performance and a client-orientated approach.

FP Markets’ support empowers ASM Academy to identify and nurture talent in Southern Africa and has already enabled local golfer, Franklin Manchest, to follow his dream of progressing from amateur player to professional golfer

FP Markets’ commitment to high-performance education sees them sponsor two marquee programmes in South Africa created and run by ASM Academy:


FP Markets Race to the USA

Young African players strive to develop their golfing, academic and social skills to secure life-changing scholarship opportunities to US Colleges. This well-developed and holistic high-performance training programme equips the young players with the many and varied skills they need to secure their prized goal of an international education playing the sport they love together with the best student athletes in the world.


Taking it to the Tour

FP Markets are currently sponsoring players on ASM’s Taking it to the Tour programme where young African players make the transition from playing amateur golf to playing professionally on a Tour. This vital stage equips the players with the tools to make the transition from playing the game for fun to playing the game professionally.


In just a few years, the world of financial trading online has evolved tremendously and to keep speed with this, the ever-increasing demand for high quality but practical education, has always been a challenge, for most financial institutions to overcome.

With over 13 years of industry experience, FP Markets has realised the importance of giving traders the ability to perform consistently, by having the right mindset.

Trading vs Golf – What learnings can we take from golf to be a successful trader?

In both the above ASM Academy programmes, young players are required to learn an array of important skills and attributes. Many of these skills are applicable to traders and as part of its support of ASM Academy, and to complement its already impressive online education platform, FP Markets has developed a fascinating new education series analysing the parallels between golf and trading and how learnings can be transferred from the world of golf to make you a better trader.

Professional golf is a highly competitive and strategic game, where the margins between success and failure are very small. To compete and succeed in these highly pressurized environments, young players are having to develop their skill sets in a manner surprisingly similar to those of traders. Golf requires character attributes which run far deeper than pure athletic performance. Golf and trading have many similarities, both take place in challenging and constantly changing environments and management of your emotions, a positive temperament and the ability to make clear and strategic decisions separate the best golfers (and traders) from the pack.

The success or failure of the player or trader invariably comes down to how adaptable they are to these environments and the specific conditions of the day and these attributes define success in both fields.

Over the next few months, Adam McKinlay, Performance Director at ASM Academy and Kenny Simon, trading coach/consultant at FX Geometry will be bringing you engaging content drawing on Adam’s experience of monitoring young aspiring elite athletes and their desire to succeed and Kenny will add his insights and analyse how this is directly relevant for the development of traders. Accompanying this will be a series of articles and webinars focused on the key topics with the purpose being to provide traders and golfers with some insights into these key development areas in order to improve their own performance. The focus of the series of articles will be on the following 10 skill development areas which are common between golf and trading:

  • Risk reward skills and how disproportionately these skills are rewarded
  • Managing the Moment - learning to thrive when it matters most
  • Learning to think clearly under pressure - T-CUP
  • Learning to regulate and temper our emotional responses
  • Resilience in the face of setbacks
  • Developing an optimistic problem-solving mindset
  • The ability to self-evaluate effectively
  • Developing an effective support structure which allows high performance
  • Learning to plan to effectively - short, medium and long-term
  • Valuing education and the quest for excellence

Through the above topics, traders and golfers alike will gain deeper insights into the vital and yet often unobservable values that underpin high performance cultures. These values lead to the development of the necessary attitudes, behaviours and skill sets for successful performances. Whether it be in the markets or on the course, FP Markets values education and personal growth.

The articles and webinars in this series will be tied in with the major golfing and financial events in the calendar to create education and self-development storylines.

These courses are designed to inspire and motivate traders to pursue their personal development programmes and we hope to create exciting and inspiring learning opportunities as trading is like golf - you need to be constantly learning, developing and refining your skills.

Trading vs Golf – Articles & Webinars Series

The disproportionate rewards of Risk Evaluation

Managing Change/Dealing with Adversity

Building your Trading Resilience

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