Trader Toolbox Connect

1. About the FP Markets
Trader Toolbox Connect

The FP Markets Trader Toolbox Connect application allows you easy access to FP Markets and other online resources to help keep you informed. This application will allow you to open websites from within your trading terminal including the FP Markets website.

2. How to Setup

Setup is a quick and simple process from within your platform terminal:

  • Make sure you have installed the FP Markets Traders Edge Software to your platform terminal

  • Find the “FP Markets – Connect” application from your terminals navigator under Expert Advisors.

  • Drag and drop the application onto any open chart that you are not planning to use.

  • Ensure that you have “Allow DDL imports” ticked and select OK


bullet 可交易10,000+金融产品
bullet 支持自动交易系统
bullet 提供最新新闻播报&财经日历
bullet 多种技术指标&图表
bullet 提供更多交易工具

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